Kant would love this so much if he were alive today. This might be the coolest example of two completely different physical phenomenons causing the same tangible experience I’ve run into…

Also, that’s always kinda what I imagined it would sound like as your ship turns into a tiny speck in the distance, just before everything flanges into tinny ringing, red and white stars flooding your vision as the fluids in your eyes, lungs, and eardrums sublimates into space and solar wind scours your flesh away. Kinda like winter in Maine: it’s a lot more enjoyable through a thick, insulated window.



1. Shy-secure people: Don’t have a strong need to be around people, and don’t tend to worry about talking to new people. They can socialise if they need to, but they general prefer to be by themselves and to do things on their own.

2. Shy-withdrawn people: Suffer from social anxiety. They are…

This seems like an incomplete model…some people are introverted because they are acutely and accurately self-aware of the genuinely sociopathic tendencies that have, with perfect consistency, undermined every close social relationship they’ve ever formed and irreparably damaged people, and they understand that the happiness and stability of those around them is more valuable to society than their instinctual need to alleviate loneliness. I guess #4 is vaguely close, but it revolves around the person not accepting their situation because they’re too self-absorbed to look at it objectively and figure out what’s going on, and #1 is right in that social withdrawal is a choice rather than the result of succumbing to fear, but doesn’t come with the underlying misery of feeling deeply isolated. It isn’t really a surprise when psychology fails to account for logical reasoning, though—it occurs so rarely in human beings that it borders on the supernatural…

Peak efficiency

USPS lost a $150 clock, just got 1 gift item in the mail when I ordered 3 of them, some guy called me and opened with “You gave me a card and told me to call” which I KNOW is bullshit because I NEVER tell people to call me and my number isn’t on my fucking card and it says in three places on my work site to specifically NOT call but rather e-mail me wanting me to come in and meet him on my days off, another package full of sensitive electronic shit left out in the rain, and someone opened a claim against me on eBay…because they couldn’t figure out how to work the lock on a knife.
Yep, back in the real world where almost everyone is a complete fucking moron and nobody gives a fuck.

dave-the-ceramists asked:

Could you please explain to me how you threw your "wormhole" teapot?

Sure! I threw the main body, spout, the lid, and a double-vortex piece for the core. I trimmed the outer edges of the top and bottom of the double-vortex to be smooth circles, then cut two holes in the body of equal diameter, then carefully inserted the core piece, making sure it matched up and trimming everything as necessary to get it to fit. Then I slipped and scored the edges and actually stuck it on there, paying careful attention to the inside seam. It’s crucial not to bend the vortex at this point or it’ll warp in the kiln and tear the thing apart. That design also has to dry VERY slowly…I made four of those teapots and only one actually turned out (so there’s probably 40 hours total in that one piece counting the time I spent failing). Here’s a photo of the parts with the cores in the foreground: 



Also, I am beginning to get the feeling there are no single women my age left. Missed my chance.

whatthehellhappenedtoyou said: what is your age?

I’m 32. The age where you’re too much of a creepy old guy for college aged women and your peers all either have kids, a husband, or some kind of massive obvious flaw that makes them impossible to be around for long.