Anonymous asked:

What makes you think you're a failure or that you've disappointed anyone???

I guess the constant barrage of people telling me that I’ve failed them and my complete inability to succeed at a single thing I care about: my educational background is useless and I’ve lost the capacity for learning necessary to go back to school, I have no close friends or family and have destroyed every social relationship that has ever meant anything to me, I have no job skills useful to myself or anybody else or worthwhile artistic or crafting ability, I’ve destroyed far more lives than I will ever realistically be able to save even if I live to 100, and my existence is, at its essence, a drain on the resources of my community and the lives of those around me. 

Still doing a 10% off sale, trying to get rid of all my crap so I can vanish into obscurity and die alone! Use code TUMBLR10 checking out, and maybe I’ll even manage to mail you the right item and not break it in the process! (don’t count on it, though, I’m a pretty colossal failure and fuckup who has disappointed everyone I’ve ever met)

lackadaisical-living asked:

The pots you just posted a picture of are beautiful, and it wasn't until I went on your page did I notice that you're from Maine. I'm a high school aspiring to be a potter and I'm also from Maine, so for the question part I was wondering if you have a studio or somewhere where you have your work on display or for sale?

Hey, small world! I work out of a group studio in Hope, Maine, which has a couple of my pieces there and I have a few things out at Liberty Tool Company (in Liberty), and I also have work for sale at Art Alive in Amherst, MA, but I sell most of my stuff through Etsy.

dave-the-ceramists asked:

Hi I'm Dave and I'm and a junior in high school and absolutely in love with ceramics. Hoping to both spread my work and be inspired here on tumblr. If u could possibly help with tips or publicity I would greatly appreciate it.

Sure! I’m following you, reblogged a couple of your pieces. Nice work!
My biggest piece of advice would be to take advantage of having access to a studio and materials as much as you possibly can. That gets really, really expensive and difficult to find once you’re out of school.